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Notes, links on recent concerts


Concert notes, from out and about:

1) Boca Symphonia. I’m intrigued by the programming choices this year from conductor Alexander Platt, not least because he’s scheduled the Violin Concerto of Jonathan Leshnoff, who as a Peabody student won a small composition prize I created in 1993 and have funded since then (it’s since grown, which is nice to see).

Sunday’s concert had a great performance of the Tchaikovsky Concerto by violinist Vadim Gluzman (pictured above), who also played the first movement of the Ysaye Thibaud Sonata. Wonderful playing by a man who knows how to take command of a stage and of a piece, and bring something new to a piece that’s been a concert staple for 130 years. I also liked the Boca take on the Mozart Prague Symphony , and they did a credible job with the Stravinsky Dumbarton Oaks concerto, which really should be scheduled more often. Here’s the review I did.

2) Di Wu. Saw this fine young pianist at the Kravis on Tuesday night, and thought she’d gotten better in the year since I saw her last. Much of this has to do with the all-Ravel program, which offered more opportunities for range and depth than the paraphrases she did on the earlier program.

Here’s my review.

3) Chiara Massini. Took in a brief concert by this Italian harpsichordist who was making her US debut. I also checked out one of her albums afterward, and she’s a strong, interesting player. I didn’t agree with her choices on the Couperin pieces she scheduled, as you’ll see in this review, but I like to see artists taking chances like that even if I don’t think the results were all that persuasive.

More concerts this weekend as the season stays busy just before the holidays, and it will get even busier in January and February.