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Two useful new classical sites

It’s been a tough last week or so, with some mystery illness taking me over for about 24 hours early in the week, and problems with the air conditioning and the plumbing here in the house.

But things have settled down a little, and that gives me the chance to talk about two relatively new sites that I’ve recently learned about. One is Dilettante Music, a London-based company that states as its mission the bringing together of the worldwide classical music community.

The site has places for composers and performers to post their music, news, blogs, and member profiles, plus retail tie-ins with Arkiv and DG. I haven’t spent a great deal of time on the site, nor have I joined, but I like the way it’s designed, and the feeling I get of being part of a community as I browse around.

The other site I’ve learned about recently through an e-mail is Classissima.com, a France-based portal to news events, videos, reviews and other classical music activity on the Web. Clicking on “music stores,” for instance, sends you to a useful page with links to places such as the Werner Icking Archive and Faber & Faber.

Clicking on a composer’s name at random on the bottom of the pages sends you to a page with news items about the composer, and links to videos featuring his or her music. I haven’t found the right browser for this site yet; two I’ve tried chop off the far-right side of the pages, which are designed to look like an open spiral notebook.

Still, Classissima, like Dilettante, gives a surfer a sense of deep involvement in the classical music community. And it further adds proof to the conclusion that for classical music, the Internet has been a wonderful thing, mostly because it shows how vibrant and active a community classical music can really boast.

I’ll add both sites to my Blogroll, and pledge to spend more time on the sites when time permits.