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I am a former Palm Beach Post journalist who took a buyout from the newspaper in August 2008. I had a blog there for four years, and I’ve become hooked on this form of communication, so I’m continuing here.

I live in South Florida with my glorious wife of 14 years, Sharon, and our three cats: Pumpkin, Orange and Barney.
I can be reached at classicalgreg@gmail.com.

10 thoughts on “About Greg Stepanich”

  1. I am the VP Marketing and have not ‘met’ you yet. Our upcoming concert schedule is on our web site and I hope you will find time to attend our December concert as we would value a review. Please introduce yourself to me at that time if you have a moment. If I can be of further assistance, please call me at 954 784 5516.Thank you and all the best with your lovely Blog. About time we had something of this quality in South Florida!

  2. Hi Gregg,
    I’m the Exec. Director of the Gold Coast Jazz Society, a non-profit jazz presenter in Ft. Lauderale. We have a jazz series at the Broward Center and I would like to talk to you about attending our performances. Our phone is
    954-524-0805. In my spare time I sing with the Master Chorale, so thank you for the review of “Elijah.”

  3. Hello ! Great blog ! I like your comments about Stenhammar, a composer I have also discovered recently. I’ve heard the DG set with Neeme Jarvi and the Gothenburg Symphony with his two symphonies and the Serenade in F. Gorgeous music ! Recently, Alan Gilbert , who will soon be taking over the NY Phil., did the serende with that orchestra.
    Your comments about Prokofiev are also interesting. Do you know his weird and profoundly disturbing opera,”The Fiery Angel”, a nightmarish tale of sorcery and demonic possession in 16th century Germany ? I don’t believe the DG and Phillips CD versions and the DVD are still available, but try it. It’s not for the faint-hearted.
    I’m also a big fan of the sadly neglected French composer Albert Roussel (1869-1937),
    who has been undeservedly overshadowed by his better known contempraries Debussy and Ravel. He was not an impressionist, and never followed any isms, but his rugged, colorful and pungently dissonant music is marvelous.
    Don’t miss the recent EMI reissue of his fascinating opera “Padmavati”, a fantastically colorful and exotic tale of India during the Moghul conquest, with Marilyn Horne, Nicolai Gedda and Jose van Dam. It’s like no other French opera, and was given one of its rare revivals in Paris this March to considerable acclaim.

  4. Dear Greg:

    I wonder if you could spare a couple of minutes and take a look at our web site, Classical Connect: http://www.classicalconnect.com.

    This is a free classical music performance site. Although the site is brand new, we already have about 1000 performances uploaded, and that number is growing daily. Classical Connect is a virtual concert hall. We believe that there are many wonderful musicians who have a rather difficult time finding a performing venue, so we decided to provide an alternative. The site is all about performances: you hear music from the moment you enter. We have a number of prepackaged playlists but also encourage listeners to search, browse – and comment and vote. In addition, we think that some of the site’s features, such as Compare Performances, are unique and add to the listener’s overall experience.

    I would greatly appreciate your feedback about the site. If you find that you enjoy the site and believe it’s worthy of your recommendation, maybe you could write an entry about it in your blog.

    Thank you in advance for your time.

    Sergey Zaks
    Classical Connect,

  5. Greg,

    Italian harpsichordist Chiara Massini will be giving a “private” concert with the Boca Raton Chamber Group next week. If you would be interested in attending let me know and I will send you the program.

    Ed Jeter
    Little Rock, AR

  6. Hi Greg,

    Just read over your review of Lola’s Rach 2 performance with the Palm Beach Symphony. It was a good review. I wasn’t there, but your writing put me there. Thanks for that.

    All the best,

  7. Perchance, are you related to Mark Stepanich, (different spelling) a young man I knew 20 +/- years ago?
    I agree with some of your reviews. Where did you study and what is your principal instrument?

    la Cantante

    1. Marina:

      No, I’m not related to anyone named Mark Stepanich that I know of. But there are many derivations of that surname, especially because people in my own extended family spell and pronounce it differently. So who knows?

      I’m a pianist, and I studied theory and composition at Boston University for two years, unsuccessfully. But it was a wonderful town for music and college.

      Thanks for writing, and all best,


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